Lindy McHutchison, Melissa Sandman, Dvora Nelson, Nic Nelke,n Eric Phillippi, Peter Gregory, Chandran Vedamanikam, Greg Kloehn, Karen Herbst, Johnny Huang, Sofia Greenberg, Allan Greenberg, Shannon Griffen, Alivia Kloehn, Eliana Sandman, Agi Bereczky, Ashley Palmer, Emily Fellers, Brian Faith, Fiona Savard, Olivia Gregory, Helena Gregory, Irina Katsman, Phifer and Lisa Nicholson (La Ceiba) We had an incredible this year! O’mazing!
Every year we strive to improve our patient’s experience and enhance what we do in the community. This year we were able to treat 629 patients in Olanchito and overall the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation treated close to 2000 patients Lindy McHutchison added a Lipedema clinic and they evaluated 965 pts! Lipedema is when fat is distributed in an irregular way beneath the skin, usually in the buttocks and legs. It can eventually be painful and be mistaken for regular obesity.  

Our wound care nurses did a fantastic job teaching patients how to care for their wounds. Several team members will return to Honduras to follow up patient status.  We also had some amazing contributions from individual physicians and helpers For staters Mellissa Sandman, Ellie Sandman and Emily donated several hundred dollars worth of school supplies and shoes to some of the poorest schools in Olanchito. The kids hand made bracelets to raise funds to donate to the kids. 

Alivia Kloehn raised nearly $3,000 to for new computers for Jardin Escuela Bilingue Espiritu Santo.  SofĂ­a Greenberg along with Sts. Simon & Jude organized a massive clothing drive. Together they collected over 40 bags of clothing. The support was so big, they had to setup a day where all of the students from grades 6th thru 8th came out to help organize and pack all of the clothing.  

Our Ohio pack Dvora, Talhlia, Irina, Ashley, Agie, donated tons of toys. They had enough toys and stuffed animals to make sure an entire kindergarten class had lots to play with.  

Special thanks to the Stone family (Steve, Lisa, Nick, and Sophia) for picking up all of the clothing and donating the shipping. We could not have done it without their help.  We would also like to thank Carlos Zelaya Figueroa MD, Rapido Cargo and Norberto Martinez for donating the shipping and delivering everything to Olanchito.  We had a fantastic time and can’t wait to do even more next year.  Thank you everyone for all of your support and dedication