Honduras Vein Week, sponsored each March by the Hackett Hemwell Patterson Foundation, is dedicated to treating over 1500 Honduran patients each year with painful varicose veins and the leg ulcers caused from severe varicose veins.  While the leg ulcers caused by varicose veins could usually be treated by the annual HHPF medical mission teams, each year many patients would come from all over Honduras with non-venous, severe, painful, devastating leg ulcers caused from tropical diseases and infections. These tropical type ulcers did not respond to annual vein treatments, like the ulcers caused by varicose veins.  Instead, patients with the tropical type ulcers needed ongoing wound care that was not available to them. Dr. McHutchison and T. Zimmerman, RVT, became interested in teaching HHPF physicians about these ulcers and were also were committed to helping these patients with the severe, non-venous leg ulcers. The WHAT medical team, along with the Honduran Red Cross and other collaborative partners, established  year-round access for these patients to return for wound care and supplies to heal their ulcer, improve their pain and restore their quality of life.